Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yellowstone Highland games

Last weekend Dan and I did our first highland games together and it was a blast! And it was Dan's first highland games ever. We had two of our lifting friends with us also who were doing it for the first time. They all had a great time and I think I got them in for life :)

Here is a picture of all the guys, Dan, Eric and Keith. I made all of their kilts, I think they look great!

Dan also wants to train more for the highland games. He got 3rd out of 5 guys in the novice class on this first day out. I am so proud of him and he got better on every throw.

This is Dan with his heavy weight for distance, 42 lbs.

Dan's first time with the sheaf toss, he did great!

Dan with all his bling :)

I had a good day, I got first, but got second in one event, the heavy stone. I need to practice :)

Hammer went well though and our friend Keith brought his girl friends camera for the day and got some great sport shots of us throwing. Thanks Keith!!!!!

Here is Dan after he found the weapons to play with. I think the sunglasses really make the outfit :)

Here is Dan throwing the weight for height.

Here is a video of me throwing the light hammer.

Over all Dan and I had a great time. I think Dan really found something he really likes. We met a lot of great people and it was a great day with friends. I am going to make it to one more highland games this year in Enumclaw, WA for sure and other than that we will see.

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