Friday, October 2, 2009


Wednesday was our first snow of the year :) I have heard that it supposed to be bad, but I dont know how, snow, or cold? Well we will just have to see how it goes. I will try and be ready for it though. I have to pull out all of our winter close and put up our summer ones. Winter is here, wait, where was fall again?

Dan's Mom :)

Here is Dan and his Mom, Stacy. I love this picture :) She got to come up for the weekend and spoil us. I have forgotten how it feels to be spoiled, it is great. Thanks Stacy for a great weekend and great gifts, we cant wait to see you again :) Oh, and thanks for teaching me how to play Yahtzee, I love it! And great job on getting an all time high score of 500+, You rock!

Here is Dan and I in some of our new things Stacy got us. We both got orange hats for hunting (which we hope to do for the first time this year), and carhartt vests. We love them :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Truman Gulch Pictures

These pictures are from our hike up Truman Gulch a few weeks ago. This first picture is from the spot on the mountain we stopped to eat lunch and head back down, so the highest point on our hike. At this point we were hiking for 2 hours and increased about 1600 feet in elevation. It was well worth the view :)

Here I am posing for day on our way up the gulch. I think we took over 100 pictures on this one hike, it was a beautiful place.

Here is Dan posing down for me, as you can see he loves the camera and it loves him :)

This is Dan by the creek that followed the gulch. This was about one minute into the hike, so we knew the views had to be even better as we kept going.

This was our view as we came out of the valley and into an open field. It was a million times better in person and well worth the sore and tired legs the next 2 days :) We ate our lunch just off to the right of this picture at the end of the tree line.

After this hike Dan and I decided that we really like hiking, but we should have worked our way into a 3.5 hour hike, instead of just jumping right in. I think the longest we had hiked before was about an hour and a half, so it was a big jump, but we had a blast :)

Fun Things

Over the last few weeks Dan and I have done some fun things. We decided to get our Christmas presents early this year. We each got a nice carhartt jacket and hat. Both jackets are dark brown, but different styles. It looks like we are trying to be matchy- matchy, but I swear we aren't, it just ended up that way. We love them!

Then a week later we decided that if we are going to start going on longer day hikes we need day packs. So we both got waist packs (they are like fanny packs that go on your back), very comfortable and easy to wear.

We tried them out the next day after we bought them on our first long hike, about 5-6 miles and 3.5 hours. I will have to post some pictures this weekend when I have time from this hike, it was a blast! Dan has some pics on his facebook. We had a great time and want to go on more, and even maybe try snow shoeing this winter.

The next fun thing we did was spend this last weekend with Dan's Mom. She came out for the weekend, bought us Christmas and birthday presents, lifted weights with us and taught me how to play Yahtzee. I never knew how fun that game was, I am hooked :) Dan and I are both glad we got to see her again, it had been too long since we had seen her last. It was a great weekend!

Well now back to work, I wanted to just give you an update on our life, things are going great :)