Friday, October 2, 2009

Dan's Mom :)

Here is Dan and his Mom, Stacy. I love this picture :) She got to come up for the weekend and spoil us. I have forgotten how it feels to be spoiled, it is great. Thanks Stacy for a great weekend and great gifts, we cant wait to see you again :) Oh, and thanks for teaching me how to play Yahtzee, I love it! And great job on getting an all time high score of 500+, You rock!

Here is Dan and I in some of our new things Stacy got us. We both got orange hats for hunting (which we hope to do for the first time this year), and carhartt vests. We love them :)

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Kerri Rae said...

I cannot BELIEVE you have never played yatzee! Oh and welcome to the tan and orange revolution! We took Sofie out this weekend to hike some trails and she found 8... YES 8 Turkeys! Perfect point.. had we only had a gun! On the way up we saw 2 and I almost hit them, my dad said that I should have just kept going so we could have Turkey for dinner. What do you think? Wanna come over and nab some Turkeys? They are dumb and waiting to be plucked off ;-)