Friday, December 21, 2007


Hello All,
Dan made it here safe and sound and we have been having a great time, just lifting, watching movies, lazing around and eating. Jen we will (I promise) get out to see a movie, and Mom and Dad we have been using your money for movies and food thank you so much!
I will post some pictures for you all soon. I miss you all and have a great holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well things around here have been busy. School is winding down for the students and I have had to get all their winter lifting programs done for the month they have off. I hope they all do something, because they have worked so hard all semester.

Thanksgiving was great I spent it with my boyfriend Dan, but I did miss my family. I will be spending Christmas and the new year here in Bozeman, but Dan will be flying in this Saturday and staying for 3 weeks, Ya! I did not want to brave the 4 passes to get home in who knows what weather and the price of gas! This will be the first Christmas I have not been with my family, it will be hard and I will miss them a lot, but I am glad I have some one here.

Oh great news, I was invited to compete at the Womans World Highland Games Championships in Mesa Arizona. It will be on February 24th (my dads birthday) and so far there are 10 women confirmed to go, one from Canada and one from the UK. I am ranked 6th right now in the US and that is with missing one of the events for ranking athletes. I am very excited to compete at this level and get to throw again. There is also prize money, but what I really want is to win.

Well I hope every one is well and I miss you all. Have a Happy Holidays and I will post some pictures of Christmas and New Years for you.

Here is a video of me lifting Tuesday, I did deadlift standing on 2 inch blocks so I was higher off the ground. It makes it harder. This is 435lbs x1, lifting is going well!