Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pioneer Falls

I spent yesterday on a 3 hour hike with some of my friends. We decided to go south of Bozeman to the Spanish Peaks and a hike up to Pioneer falls. Now to get to the walk way you have to drive through Ted Turner's Flying "D" Ranch. He raises Buffalo and they can roam where ever they want :)

I would love to live right here, all those little dots you see are all buffalo, cool hu!

This was a little log cabin that was on the side of the road up to the trail. I could not imagine how hard life was living in this cabin back in the day when it was made.

This was the road block that we came across on our way to the trail head. I guess this is normal traffic for the area :)

This was the cool little bridge we had to cross to get on the right side of the river for the trail.

Pioneer Falls

A view from the top. I was leaning on a big tree to make sure I was not going to fall :)

Me and the Falls!

This was the river at the top of the falls it was so beautiful out that day :)

Over all it was a great hike and a great day. It was nice to catch up with some friends I have not seen in a while and it is nice to find another hike to take Dan on. This same trail splits at one point and goes to a lake, I will have to try that some day, I heard it is amazing!

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