Friday, June 18, 2010

Hill Sprints

Dan and I did hill sprints yesterday and it was killer. We ram 4 x 30 -40 meter sprints up hill with a 25lb or 45 lb sand bag, WOW was that hard!
We are trying to go outside more to train instead of being cooped up in the gym all day. So far it has been great, I am getting more time to throw and I am teaching Dan to do it also. He is picking it up well and he will be competing in a week with me in the Yellowstone Highland games. It should be a blast! We also bought 2 - 16kg kettle bells and 3 different sledge hammers to train with. We are going to be doing some odd stuff, but fun stuff this summer :)
I am also going on a hike with some of my old volleyball girls this weekend, up in the Spanish peaks area, to a water fall with great views. I cant wait, it should be fun, but they are both smaller girls who can run marathons. I hope I can keep up with them :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
How did you guys do at the Yellowstone Games? I went to the Tacoma Games to watch Jeff. Dad had to work. He came in 4th in the A division. Jeff's going to call you about the Enumclaw and Portland Games. Your training sounds really tough. Hopefully it'll bring results. Congrats to Dan on his Calculus exam, too.