Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Odd Encounter

A weird thing happened to Dan and I yesterday and by weird I mean creepy. Dan and I went to our usual hill to run after about 45 min of throwing at the track (I did not have a good day throwing, but running hills sounded like a great way to get my frustrations out). It is a park/trail head in town on Pete's hill, it is a great run.

We walked up the hill right when we got there to warm up our legs a bit before we ran up. On our way down we were walking side by side and taking up the whole path, I turned my head to spit (I know real lady like, I cant help in when I am working out) and I saw a man behind us in a long sleeve shirt, a hat, and long pants. I thought nothing of it and stepped in front of Dan to get out of the mans way. Dan had turned around and looked at the man in the eyes, and slowed down a bit so he could pass.

We got down to the bottom of the trail, which at this point was only about 50 feet from where I saw him and he still had not passed us, so Dan and I stepped out to the side getting ready to let him by and start our run up the hill. As we both turned at the same time we saw that no one was there? He was gone, in 50 feet he was gone. There was no were for him to go, it is an open grass hill and would have taken him more time to get out of site that it took for us to walk 50 feet and turn around. And we would have heard his food steps speed up if he would have ran and we did not.

Dan and I were a bit freaked out about it. We both saw him and Dan made eye contact with him. After this we talked about it for a while, then continued our sprints up the hill. The whole time I was looking in the bushes for a man with long sleeves and a hat, who had passed out or looking for bugs. But he was not there?

After our sprints Dan and I walked up the trail a bit to cool off and made a loop around to get back down the hill. As we were walking I saw and realized that at the top of the hill only about 150feet away from our hill was a cemetery. That freaked Dan out and I was tripping out too.

So take this story as you will, but Dan and I think we saw a ghost. There seems to be no other way to explain it for us. I guess we will just keep our eyes out for weird things every time we go running, you never know what you might see out there!

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Kerri Rae said...

SUPER CREEPY! I would have left after he disappeared being afraid he would reappear and attack me!