Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Pictures

This is Elvis Presley's gold piano that his wife gave him for a present one year. It is covered in real gold leaf, even the chair. That is a pricey piano :)

Here is a ton of gold and platinum albums from many country music stars at the Country Music Hall of Fame. There was a huge wall full of them.

This is the original suit of Hank Williams. There was a big part of the museum that was dedicated to Hank Williams and Hank Williams Junior. I think it was really interesting. Did you now that Hank Williams died at 29 years old? I did not know how young he was, he had a sad life.

Here is the video of Mark Wills, 1970 Somthing. This was just in a little bar on a corner 1 block away from our hotel in Nashville, TN. I guss you never know who you are going to see in Music City :)

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