Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi All

It has been a really long time since I have posted. So much has been going on in the last 3 weeks.

School is out, so all the kids have left town, I won't lie, I love it here in the summers with less people in town.

I went to Nashville, TN with my boss, Doug, to a strength training conference. It was fun I will post pictures of the Country Music Hall of Fame. I also got a video of Mark Wills, who sings "1970 something" in a bar I went to one night he was just singing with his band, it was cool.

last week the university held the Montana State Special Olympics here on campus and Doug and I put on the Powerlifting meet. It was great, Dan was the head judge and Eric, a powerlifter, and I were the side judges. It was so great to run a great meet and have people enjoy them selves by following the rules and winning. I work with a Paralympic thrower, Krystle, and her parents helped out a ton with supplying all the powerlifting equipment. Competition benches, squat rack, and deadlift jack, Oh I cannot forget the lights. Instead of using the flags we were given, we had lights to show if the lift was good or not, it was very professional :) Everyone loved it!

I then went from helping run a powerlifting meet to watching a track meet all weekend. I got invited to our Conference track meet in Missoula MT. It was a blast to get to just sit back and watch all the kids hard work from the year pay off in personal bests and Conference Champions. I had a blast, and thank you to Coach Kennedy who go me a room and gas money :)

Now this week has been a bit rough. I got sick on tuesday and now today I am not doing well either. I have not got to get much training in these last 3 weeks and it is killing me. But I figure once I get better I will just hit it hard and start throwing a ton.

I will sit down this weekend and post some pictures from these last few weeks. I have a 3 day weekend, and I never get those :) I cannot wait!

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Jennifer said...

Sorry you're feeling sick and hope you're feeling better soon.

Sounds like you've been busy these past weeks.

Love the new background :)