Friday, February 20, 2009

Flash Back Friday #7

I am headed to the World Highland Games in Arizona tomorrow so I thought I would look back at some highland game pics to get me motivated to throw far this weekend and come home with a win :)

Here I am with Summer and Lacy last year at worlds in Arizona, where I got second, Summer won and Lacy got third.

Portland Highland Games 2006, throwing open stone.

Here is one of my biggest competitors, Mindy and I after Nationals in California 2006.
She has been ranked #1 in the nation for the last 4 years.

Here I am at nationals in 2006 throwing the weight for height.

Another competitor is Summer. She was a thrower for Stanford back in college and I think one of the funnest people to compete against. She won Worlds last year and is another one to beat.

This is one of my friends Karen from Canada. I dont think she will be down there competing this weekend, but she makes the highland games a blast to compete in.

Heather and I were together all summer in 2006 throwing at every meet we could. That was a fun year :)

This is in Enumclaw Washington in 2007. I think this was my PR of 23feet.

Wish me Luck!!!!!

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