Friday, February 13, 2009

Flash Back Friday #6

Here is a picture of my Dad with a snow man he made for my mom, when she was pregnant with me in 1978. I love this picture

This is my niece Ellie and I at her pirate themed birthday party in California. I think it was her 6th or 7th birthday. We had such a great time with a treasure hunt, a cool cake and great costumes :)

Here I am as Tolo Queen my senior year in high school with David Franzen as the king. My friend Jenelle is on the left with Luke Detterman and Marca Bruff (I dont know if I spelled her name right) is with? with? I forgot his name (I guess 12 years will do that to you). I remember going to pick out the dresses and having such a hard time finding the same dress in all our sizes. I had to alter mine because they did not have a size big enough for me. And Mr. Beck's (our volleyball coach) wife helped me change the bow around in the back to cover up the open zipper. That was fun :)


jenelle said...

I love the flashback friday thing! I can't remember the name of the guy Marca is with either! I tried finding him in the yearbook, but I couldn't find him. Was it Mike Bierle??? The only thing I remember about him was that he called me one night saying, "Jenelle, I love you!" Then he started crying... I found out later that he was drunk when he called. Aren't you glad we were into the party scene in High School?

Marca Bruff said...

Rick Harkins.

Andrea said...

Thanks Marca!