Friday, January 2, 2009

Flash Back Friday #1

This was my sisters idea, so I am going to copy her like little sisters do best ;)

Here is my parents and I at our friends the Jazuk's on New Years 2000 (Y2K)
I think the dress I was wearing was the one I made for my sisters wedding.

Well here I am in the dress I made for senior prom, with a ton of help from Pat Willis. 1997

Here is my sister, Jen, and I on a horse I do not remember in our yard. I think this might be 1981 or 82.

This is a horse I remember! Aren't you glad I stopped doing this when I got bigger Jen :)
1981 or 82.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love the 2000 glasses!
That was our pony, Molly. She seemed so much bigger back then - seriously!
And yes, I AM glad that you stopped doing that :)