Sunday, December 7, 2008


OK so as you all know I am the worst with blogging. I have had a hard time just getting up to go to work every day, working 12 hours then rushing home to change and come back to work to lift with dan, then come back stuff my face and fall into bed to do it all over again.

So I had a few minutes this morning so I decided to post a few pictures I have been wanting to post for awhile. Here are is one.

These are the roses Dan gave me about a month after we got married. He told me to keep them in my office to think of him when I am at work. I love them so much and I still have them. I am actually going to re-pot it today, it is growing huge!


Kerri Rae said...

So here's what I think... DON'T LIFT AFTER WORK! Try to find a time where you can lift during the day while you are there OR don't leave and go home before lifting. Bring your stuff with you-it makes the day so much better! Then when you're home, YOU'RE HOME!!!

Jennifer said...

Those are beautiful! How thoughtful of him :) He was smart in getting you ones in a pot! Then he doesn't have to replace them all of the time! Of course if they were given to me, they'd still have to be replaced periodically. I have a black thumb :(