Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crazy Weather

Ok, you all might think I will be talking about a big snow storm this time of year, but it is the exact opposite. Today it is sunny and 73 degrees, with a little wind. I feel like it is September not the middle of November. The weather has been crazy mild for this time of year, I hope that does not mean that we will have a winter that will last into the end of June. ( last year it snowed on June 3rd) We will see, snow is expected for this weekend, our big football game against our state rivals University of Montana Grizzles is this weekend also. Go Cats!


Kerri Rae said...

SOOOO Wierd! I was gonna post about our weather being odd as well althought DEFINITELY NOT 73 degrees! That's just AMAZING weather; it's about 40, sunny/overcast (depending on the day) and brisk but not a snowflake in sight... utter craziness! I was worried about the same thing: snow into the summer. Do you realize that the summers are getting shorter and the winters longer? AHHHH I may be movin back to Cali sooner than I think, sooner than retirement!
Love ya

Jennifer said...

I am SOOOOO incredibly jealous. I just got home from dance classes and it was negative 29 out when I was driving (and of course had to stop and get gas). That is a 102 degree difference - WOW!!!