Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Never Ending Winter

I just read my sisters blog and saw that she has had crummy weather up in Alaska and it made me had to post also.
This morning I woke up with 6-8 inches of snow on the ground, it is April 8th, where is spring. Well, I have to remember I am in Montana now and the weather is weird. The snow will probobly be gone by this after noon and then snow again tonight. I just feel bad for my track team and football, because they cant get out and practice with this much snow on the ground. I just want to see the sun and for it to get about 50 degrees out, that would be prefect about now. Well I hope everyone else is having better weather than my sister and I.

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Jennifer said...

I feel for you Andrea. We had another day of melting and now it's been snowing all day. It seems like spring will never really come. I was excited about the snow when we first moved here, but I'm over that now :)