Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moved In

Well we are moved in and I say that in the most lax of ways. We just got all of the stuff we own in our new house, but it is in multiple piles around the house :) I am at work now, but after work Dan and I are going to have to clean the old apartment and have it ready to be inspected by tomorrow at 10:30am. I am glad we did not live there long and we wont have much to clean.

Dan and I already love our new place, even though it is a mess right now. We are also looking in to getting a shed tonight. We will put it in the back of our house and be able to store a ton of things that are usually in our living room or under our bed! We cant wait :)

I will have to take some pictures tonight, it has so much more natural light, but that means I have to buy a lot of curtains! It is just going to be a million times better that the Communist style cement apartment we were in before. We can actually put pictures on the walls!!!!!

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