Monday, November 2, 2009


Well Dan and I had a great Halloween. We did not do anything special, we just handed out candy to kids. We thought we were going to get bombarded by kids, because of the little bike gang that is around our house 20+ strong :) But we did not get nearly as many as we thought we would and our candy showed it.

I think we had 4 gallon size zip lock bags stuffed with candy left over and we gave out hand fulls of it also. I put the leftovers in our athletic break room for everyone to eat, I did not want all of that at my house for me to eat. I am trying to loose some weight and that never helps :(

I will try and post some pictures of our pumpkins we carved this last week, they were good :)

Oh! I have to describe a group of our trick or treaters.

So I opened the door and I saw a group of bunnies. Abotu 5 girls 8-10 years old with bunny ears and leotards on, with bunny tails. Cute right? Well I kept looking and thought to my self, are they Playboy bunny's? No! Then they brought up a cute 1 year old boy in a velvet red robe and I thought to my self how cute are you. Then it hit me, bunnies and a guy in a robe. It was Hugh Hefner and his 5 playboy bunnies. I had to laugh, but I was also a bit shocked, who picked out the costume, the kids or the parents, scary!

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