Thursday, August 7, 2008


Andrea & Daniel Montague

Well as most of you know I got married just about 2 weeks ago on July 26th 2008. Dan and I could not have asked for a better day or a more beautiful place to get married.

We got to my parents house on the Wednesday before and there was some work to be finished. I was so surprised thought how much my family had gotten done in the last few months. I almost did not recognize my house. I am so happy for my parents that they will have a new patio, bathroom, decks, grass, freshly painted house, and much more for years to come. That night we went to our friends Pat Willis and picked up all the flowers she was going to let us borrow for the wedding. She spent the last few months growing them just for our wedding. They were of course all gorgeous, with Pat's green thumb you cant go wrong. All the flowers made the back yard just breath taking. Thanks Pat!

The next day, Thursday, my mom and I went to get our hair cut and then we went shopping for food, flowers and other last minute things. I was so excited to get my hair cut. It was the first time I have ever gotten a cut/style professionally before. My mom said the lady was good so I just said I want to keep the length, but give me some layers. She did a great job and I love my hair. As my mom and I were shopping and getting our hair done, Dan was at home with my Dad and brother David finishing up things on the house. Dan did such a great job being thrown into whirlwind of construction with my Dad and brother.

Friday was a day of last minute organization/decorating and finishing painting the house. Our friends of the family the Jazuk's came to help and they did a great job. I was so happy for all there help. Dan and I spent most the morning planting heather by the pond in front of all the big rocks and barking the whole area. You can see our handy work in our kissing picture. Then the rest of the day was again just setting up more things and then my other brother Jeff came from work and finished the other bathroom, which I might say he did a fantastic job. Great job Jeff!

Now the day of the wedding came Dan and I were so excited, I could not sleep well the night before. We finished up in the morning with decorating and putting out chairs and the last of Pat's flowers. the house looked great! My mom and my Aunt Barb started on food stuff and people started showing up around 11am (the wedding was at 2pm). As the hour got closer time got slower, I could not wait to marry the man of my dreams. The judge showed up about 15 minutes before the ceremony and talked with Dan and I about our vows and where we wanted to put them. He was a great guy, Judge Sawyer, perfect man to marry us. We filled in all the paper work to make it official and then we had our witness sign, Kerri Conger and Jim McDonald. Then is was off to get married. Well it took a few minutes, people kept filing in and saying hi and poor Dan was sitting down on the platform waiting.

The two greatest people in the world walked me down the isle.

Well I finally got down to the isle and with my amazing parents Bill and Donelle we walked down the isle together. As I walked down I was handed flowers from everyone who came to form my bouquet. Once I saw Dan I forgot about every one else and I did not hear one work the Judge said until we had to say our vows and even then it felt surreal. We exchanged the rings, which were given to us by Dan's Godmother Marilyn Diduca. There very special to Dan and I and we are very grateful that Marilyn would give them to us to start our lives together. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

It was the happiest moment of my life and I got to share it with many of my family and friends. The rest of the day was a blur of talking, picture taking and food. Dan and I were overwhelmed on how much everyone loved the wedding and how comfortable everyone was with each other. Everyone also loved the food, thanks to Dave Ellis and Rocky for doing that for us and taking days before to prepare it all. There were a few people Dan and I missed that could not make it to the wedding. My sister Jen, her husband Andy and there 5 kids, Dan' s Godmother Marilyn, my friend and mentor, Debra Farwell and her husband George and my friend Molly. We miss you and love you all and we will send you video and pictures of the wedding.

How cute!

That night Dan and I were talking and decided that that was the most perfect day in the world and we could not have asked for anything better. It could not have happened if it were not for my amazing Family and Friends and all the hard work they put in for months before. I am the luckiest woman it the world and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone.

Nice tattoo!

Oh! The next day I competed in the Enumclaw Highland Games. That was a blast and the first time I had ever competed as a Montague. My Aunt and Uncle, Vicky and Dan came to watch and my cousins, Chris and Kyle, My high school throws coach and basketball coach, John and Kathy, one of my best friends, Jenelle, her husband Andy and there 2 kids. My dad and my brother Jeff and of course my HUSBAND, Daniel! It was great to have such a support base it the crowd. Thanks for your support. Oh, I got second. Next year I will take the title back!

Our honey moon was great the next 2 1/2 days. My parents got Dan and I a hotel room out at Ocean Shores at this Victorian house and it was the honey moon sweet. It was amazing, thanks again Mom and Dad. Well I will be posting more pictures as I get them, and when I find time. Again thank you to everyone who helped out Dan and I at the wedding and for every one who traveled to come see us. It means a lot to us, thank you. And thank you to Becky Potter for the great pictures.

Becky and I

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